Creating Community Prosperity

 How do we go beyond work, money spend.

Beyond inequality, beyond unemployment.

Beyond gross inequality in wealth.

The current system is not working that well anymore, with multiple reasons…

There are much more people that would like to work, but for which there are not jobs.

There must be a better way.

Is it not possible to develop a system where people can all be working, not necessarily employed, but all working towards a common good. For a community, for their own and their communities’ best interest.

We are so used to the current system, so caught up in the system, that it is difficult to see beyond this system…

This would not be easy to develop, but it would be possible. One still want privacy, one own house, room.

It is really terrible situation we are in now. Where is somebody is not employed in a job, and not earning money, they cannot drink, eat, live in a house, etc. And they are not able to find a job and to work.

So to survive they have to resort to stealing from other people.

The other people with money are forced to protect themselves more and more from the people that want to steal their stuff. This is done through electric fences, alarms, armed response etc.

This current system creates huge problems for both poor and rich.

South Africa has a particularly big problem with this. This is because it was a very successful rich country with strong borders. That is until 94. Where the countries borders were opened up and the other people from Africa streamed into South Africa, to the tune of 6 000 000. We where about 54 000 000, now we are more than 60 million.


The answer to South Africa’s problem is not simply to give people land. That will not solve the problem. What do they do once they “have” some land?

The land can do nothing on it’s own. It is almost of no worth on its own. It is what people do on the land that will make it work…

One way is through a new form of “communism”, the word has become almost like a swear word. And there are multiple examples of how this system has failed in the past.  Thare are a few concepts in it that is good, but also a lot that is bad.

How  the new system could work. Keep the current makro economic system in place. The capital market economy. This is more a small scale system, but a a system that can be multiplied and replicated.

As a person can achieve financial freedom, so a community as a whole can also achieve this.

A person achieves financial freedom through hard work and over time. This is done by creating multiple passive or semi-pasive income streams. Where property, businesses, investments, etc creates enough income. This means that the income created is more than the expenses.

If this can be achieved on a personal level, or on a house hold level, it must be possible to achieve this on a small community level, and even on a small town level.

Where people and communities can be less dependent on the economy. On jobs, and on money. Where they can empower themselves and their community.

  1. Get a group of people together. That understand the idea, and are interested in forming a new community.
  2. Create a private company. Each person that joins the community, gets an equil share in the “company” basically it is just a legal entity that can partake in commercial transactions.
  3. Get access to land. This must be preferably done through a government incentive. Where it can be obtained, without the need to pay back a huge bond over time.
  4. Erect a fence around the property. It is essential to establish security. This will protect the community, protect successful communities from less successful communities and people who are not able to create their own wealth and want to steal from more successful communities.
  5. Allocate a piece of land to each house hold. A household can consist of one person, or multiple persons.
  6. Construct very basic temporary shelters to start of with. Later as money flows into the community and to

To be continued…


Community size

There should be a minimum and a maximum size to a community to make it work, and to make it manageable. Suggested sizes:

Minimum: 20

Maximum: 100


What is the big idea?

A person can live on a piece of land, in a basic house. Rent free and bond free, Basic needs are provided free of charge by the community, security, water, electricity, gas, basic food.

The money to provide these services are created by passive and active income streams created by the community. Income generating assets.

So basic needs are provided by the community. Each person in the community is required to invest some time or part of their income to the community.


At first, very low cost temporary shelter can be constructed. Then overtime very nice low cost homes can be constructed, with different building techniques.


There must be a whole water management manuel. But mainly, there will be rain water collection. Borehole with solar water pumping. Water usage efficiency and reuse. Etc


Instead of each person owning their own car. The community will put money together and buy a car together. This will then be used as an Uber service. Eventually, when electric cars become affordable they can buy an electric car and charge it via solar power.


Two or more people will be employed by the community to farm on the property. They should produce enough for the community and more to be sold outside the community and generate money for the community.


With an internet connection and data, education is basically free. A system exist where school children are responsible for educating themselves. There are adult supervision and guides, but it is up the children to educate themselves. Not sure what the name of this is, have to do some research into this.

Extra income ideas


Extra accommodation can be constructed on the property. One person will be responsible for running this. This person will be compensated with a percentage for this work. All extra income will go to the community company.


A percentage of the income of the company can be put aside for investments, over time these investments will grow and start creating income that can be put to good use for the community. Example, Stock markets, loans to start companies, etc,