In South Africa, Apartheid did not work, but now, multiculturalism and democracy are also not working. At least not in the way it is implemented in South Africa. We need a new system. It feels to me that South Africa is on the brink of a civil war again. Very similar to the when apartheid ended. If apartheid did not end, when it did, we probably would have had a civil war. Fortunately, we were able to transition peacefully to a new system. My hope is that we can do the same again.

Why is the current system not working? There are multiple reasons why it is not working, I will describe a few here. No nation or culture likes to be ruled by another. When one nation or culture rules over another, they tend to oppress them. This happened under Apartheid and is now happening under the ANC. Just as the Zulu’s, Sotho’s, Indian, and colored people and other cultures, did not like being ruled by the Afrikaner. Just so much does the Afrikaner, not like being ruled by the Zulu’s and ANC.

People are tribal by nature. Each nationality wants to rule themselves, wants self-determination. Wants to live out their own culture and be responsible for their own destiny. A person want’s to feel that they belong to and associate with a specific group and culture.

Cultures are very different. And one person from one culture does not always understand or value the norms and practices of other cultures. For example, in some cultures it is the norm to slaughter an animal at festivals like weddings. In other cultures this is not the norm and they find it upsetting and just slaughter animals in the butchery. There recently was a case in Gauteng where they wanted to change the rules of a security estate to allow for the slaughtering of animals in the estate. Obviously, people from other cultures objected strongly against this.

I would spend a Saturday afternoon with beer, biltong and braai, watching Rugby with friends, than I would spend it drinking tea and cake and watching cricket. Or drinking magau, eating pap and wors and watching soccer.

All I am saying is that each culture would like to live out their own culture and associate with people from their own culture. I am not saying that we cannot interact with and work with people of other cultures. Yes, we can and should. But we should respect each other, and give each other space and respect their right to be different and separate.

I want to feel that I belong to and associate with a specific group and culture. I feel at home socializing with people of my own culture. I generally get along easier and better with people in my own culture. Not to say that I do not get along with people of other cultures. It is just that I have more in common and understand people of my own culture better.

A culture has their own language, so people in that culture prefer to be educated in their own language. They would also prefer to do business with people in their own culture and language.

In South Africa we are confusing race with culture. It is not about race but about culture. It is not about white and black. But about Afrikaner, English man, Indian, Chines, Zulu, Sotho, Xhosa, etc. This is why we have different countries in the world. Germany for the Germans. England for the English, France for the French, etc. Humanity has always divided themselves along language and cultural lines. There is nothing wrong with that. Why has it become a problem now?

The problem with South Africa is that we have multiple different cultures living together under one government. This was a problem under apartheid, and this is the problem under the ANC “Democracy”

If you give one group of people control of other people and their land. They are bound to misuse their power, money and oppress the other group in favor of their own group. This is done by not giving them equal employment opportunities. Not respecting their culture, language, heritage, way of living or property. Where they commit violence against the other group. This was wrong under Apartheid and this is wrong now!

Multiple examples of how the Afrikaner is oppressed currently in South Africa can be given here. But just to list a few. Forcing universities and schools that have been giving class in Afrikaans for hundreds of years to change to English, instead of building new schools and universities that are English or Zulu or Xhosa. Defacing and removing monuments that have been there for 100s of years. Black on white violence on farms and cities, and the government that does nothing about it. Public figures inciting their followers to violence publicly. Tax money being misused and wasted for example Nkandla, luxury vehicles etc.

So obviously the previous system did not work and the current system is also not working. We need a new system that will work.

Recently on a trip back from Nelspruit to Pretoria, we stopped at Alzu petrol station on the N4 for coffee and lunch. They have a large camp outside full of different animals. They have Zebras, Impalas, Ostridge, Buffalo and Eland. It was interesting to see that each type of animal formed their own group, and stayed in that group, separate from other groups. There was a group of Zebra’s in the one area, and a group of buffalo in a different area. They socialized with other animals in the group. It was not just one mixed-up group of different types of animals. So even though they shared the same land and food and water resources they lived together in peace. One group of animals did not claim all the resources to be theirs, land food and water and prevented other animals access. No, there was enough for everyone. So this is a good example of a natural system that we can learn from.

We can also learn from and copy from other nations and system that work for other people and adapt it to our circumstances. One good example that I can think of is the political system in Switzerland. Specifically the system of Cantons, and communities and direct democracy. Let me give a quick short explanation of the system. The country is divided into 26 Cantons, each canton is divided into different communities. Each canton has an independent, government, constitution, parliament, court and police. Their president changes each year. They have a system of Direct democracy, where people vote directly for or against specific laws.

This could work very well in South Africa. Each canton and community can be for different cultures, people can have authority over themselves, their rules, and their community. Each canton can be responsible for their own security and economy. Each Canton can develop their own culture.  A president changing each year will prevent one man from staying in power and causing problems like Robert Mogabe, and Jacob Zuma. They say good fences make good neighbors. I think this saying is very true and applicable to South Africa.

South Africa is at a crossroad, either we resolve this peacefully or violently. But one way or another it needs to be resolved.


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