Oyster mushroom farming


I recently tried out Oyster mushroom farming. I always loved the way it tasted. So I thought I will try it out myself. Our neighbour used to farm Oyster mushrooms for a few years, but was not successful and stopped after 4 years.

So I ordered a grow at-home kit from Amazon. I received it shortly after ordering, about 4 days. I then kept it inside in the closed box for another 2 weeks. I wanted all the substrate to be properly colonised to prevent a possible infection from other spores or bacteria. I then cut open the side of the box and put it outside 8n the garden hut. I waited another two weeks and was surprised by a large number of huge mushrooms…

I plan to combine mushroom farming with composting for my vegetable garden in future. Excited to see how that goes. Will keep you updated.

Here is a link to the kit I bought from Amazon.