I just finished listening to the book “The New Human Rights Movement” written by Peter Josef.

This is really a well research and well-written book. Two years ago I watched the three documentaries created by Peter Josef, Zeitgeist 1, 2 and 3. I was wondering why he has been so quiet the last two years from 2015 to 2016. Turns out he was doing research and writing this book. Well worth the wait and time well spent by him. I think it can be used as a reference manual in future for humanity, state, and communities.

Implementing his ideas detailed in his book, if they are ever implemented in the larger society, will take a long time. The idea behind “New-future eco estates” is to create something similar to what he envisioned but just on a smaller scale. This can be done practically by a few people coming together and intentionally creating a “self-sufficient community”. The idea is not to be 100% independent, but to be as independent as possible. The details of how this will work are still open for debate and research.

I think if we start researching now, and organising now that we can start something in 2022. If we can get like minded and interested people together and start envisioning and designing what we want to create. The first meeting will be 2 September 2017, in the Westrand of Johannesburg.

If anyone is interested in joining please sms me on 082 940 1858.

The book can be hear here:

and downloaded here: